12th house stellium?

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Hi, new to all this but really curious what a stellium of planets in the 12th means. Mine are all in libra, venus, pluto, saturn, jupiter and mercury. I'd appreciate someone's view on what that might mean, thanks
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  • it will be very helpfull to post your chart in your album photo. you can use
    • ive a uranus+saturn+neptune stellium in the 12th as well, in capricorn
      • my sun, moon, venus, and uranus are in the 12th. a simple explanation of this aspect is that extra emphasis is placed on this house, or any other house where there is a concentration of planets. i'm sure others here can give more specific info.
        • on the counterpart, ive also got a 1st house stellium.
          • Yeah, the way I heard about this was a friend did a chart, she said that the 12th stellium was this dangerous aspect, that it was a serial killer aspect? That was kind of interesting, but I've seen it as more of an intuitive thing, knowing what people expect and seeing their motives (towards others, not me unfortunately) clearly even if they think they're hiding them. Anyone have something similiar?
            • wow atsui, you nailed it down almost perfectly for me.

              something i have really, really honed in the last years is detecting other peoples motives, and whether theyre talking to me with the truth or simple lying.

              no joke, im superb at this, and, dont ask me how do i know it, i just FEEL it when someone is either lying to me, trying to impress me/someone else, saying something for the sake of.. saying something, etc. etc etc

              its something i really admire and find resourceful, since it lets me be one step ahead of everyone else, PLUS, making them believe what i LET them believe about me. combined with a scorpio moon, woah!
              • Yeah, same here, people usually think I have this wide social circle even though I'm deathly shy and it's usually easy for me to stay away from or out manuever manipulative types, not always though. My uncanny ones are telling when someone is dangerous or lying, and being able to see social connections in a kind of detatched way.
                • "deathly shy" hahahh, i can be very shy as well, but sometimes my aquarius sun gets to shine through everything else, then i become the center of whatever little group im in. i just love it when that happens! and feel pretty uncomfortable when im shy-ing around people who're more impressive than i am (ie, taller, stronger, 2'46723062845% more extrovert, etc, etc etc).
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              serial killer? hahaha! dangerous? well, only if mystery is dangerous, or if we don't know ourselves well enough to be aware. i think the 8th house is far more 'dangerous' being ruled by the scorpion. ;-)

              wow, also i wonder what that would make me with a 12 house stellium of 7 planets and asteroids. if youre counting the asteroids.

              i have my sun in pisces ruled by it's native 12 house, then mercury, venus,chiron and friends.

              all i can say is that we need a lot of quiet time to ourselves, us, yes, both fish, and we are highly intuitive and artistic....if not sometimes psychic. i say sometimes cause this is not something in my control, and dependant on what passes through my chart...or the space in which i reside. :-)
              we're like a giant receptor.........
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                I did hear that 12 House Jupiters sometimes feature in the charts of serial killers, in for example that of Nilson's. Maybe there is simply te sense that with Jupiter there is a sense with being 'above the law' so that you can literally get away with murder. But then again, 12th House Jupiters also feature strongly in the charts of politicians and actors.

                I have a 12th House Jupiter, so are Ceres and Neptune but can only report that I have never felt any overwhelming desire to enter politics, act, or make a habit of killing anyone.
                • >Yeah, the way I heard about this was a friend did a chart, she said that the 12th stellium >was this dangerous aspect, that it was a serial killer aspect?

                  We ctually tossed this around a bit in the early days of this tribe - it was something I was really curious about! I have heard this time and again. Thing is, this can also be the signature of an abuse victim (makes sense doesn't it?) and where to go with this is usually choice - I am very tight w/ someone w/ this stellium who was a victim and had an intense life, now works consciously in a helping profession and is a delight to be around- have also been on the wrong side of this signature before unfortunately.

                  Lynda - did not know this about 12th House Jupiters in particular, was aware of the angular Jupiter signature

                  Interesting stuff!



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                  Dennis Nilson, Reg Christie for starters. I was really interested in this topic to, but only Zane picked up and sent me a list of killers to peruse.

                  I think Bob Marks has a few lists of 'bad guy' aspects there, with hard aspectrs between Moon and Mars featuring, as well as difficulties with Ceres. Insufficinet nurturing creates angry people, thoughhere this could be more an 'impulse' thing rather than a calcilated search for victims, any desire to take the law into own hands.

                  Myra Hindley has a 12th House Aaturn.

                  As for killers and victims each showing this 12th-House emphasis, that reminds me of a magazine which also pointed out thst it could be impossible to disinguishe between the chartsof cops and gangsters, as the aspects in each cases, house placements, were so similar.

                  So the writers who go on about inversion have a point. Plus this may raise the question of discerning 'level' in the chart.
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                    I have a Jupiter-Saturn conjunction in House 12. In Libra, my Asc./Pluto sign, but 12th cusp is Virgo. I don't have any serial killer tendencies, desire to be an actor or go into politics. ; )
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                    I remember seeing, as a teen, a TV special with a crime psychic & astrologer, in which the astrologer mentioned sun&moon conj in charts of serial killers; so this would mean born on a new moon in addition to some other signatures..
                    • yeah, i hope it wasn't offensive about the serial killer? aspect, I know I was a little thrown when first heard that. I'm definitely a peace and love hippie, totally non violent so it just didn't speak true. Same when I read somewhere that pluto in the twelfth means supressed rage, however I have friends that would probably say differently, ha ha.
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                        no offense taken...i was being humorous but forgot the emoticon ;-)
                        i think a lot of aspects can be dangerous in the 12 house if they are hidden from one self..and the 12 house can take on the theme of being unaware of self...this is rather dangerous in that respect.
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                    If anyone is interested..

                    Not sure if this one was referenced previously, but I found an in-depth article comparing natal charts of serial killers & murderers done quite scientifically. Parts threee and four have very user-friendly reference charts.
                    Take a peek:

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                      Wow. Am I right, is this really implicating 12th House placements again for the Gauquelin planets, Mars, Moon, Jupiter and Saturn?

                      I was surprised that the articelewas surprised about the Jupiter connection, C E O Carter thought there was more dirty linen attached to Jupiter way before Gauquelin came along. But as for the Mercury in Scorpio finding...interesting. It does seem to me it can be a pretty paranoid position to Mercury on the whole.

                      A few more observations. The article suggests that Gemini and Capricorn suns and moons tend to feature hear, possibly Sagg too. Well, for Gemini we have Geoffrey Dhlmer and Peter Sutcliffe, for Capricorn, Dr Shipman who is reckoned to have killed hundreds of his patients. Dr Shipman did have one traditional nasty, a hard aspect with Saturn. I am not going to get too drawn in on Hitler and the rest of his cronies who had Capricorn moons, I will change the subject and focus instead o the fact that both Peter Sutcliffe and Dennis Nilson had Moon conjunct Saturn in Cancer. Seems like when something goes badly wrong with the nurturing principle, things really do go wrong and in fact Bob Marks suggests that there are more than desired murderers who have difficult palcements with the other 'nurturing' planet, Ceres.

                      And one more thing. One of the most famous writers of all time, Agatha Christie also had.....Sun and Saturn in the 12th House.

                      But of course, she was just a writer.
                      • Lynda, learning from you makes me want to pay more attention to asteroids. I never have before.
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                          Erm, well...Ceres is now a dwarf planet and atcually had full planetary status at one time, but everyone forgot, just as everyone may well forget a couple of generations later that Pluto was once a 'full' planet.

                          As for Christie....who knows. Maybe we should all follwe her example and brainstorm the perfect murder here now. And - ahem - write best-sellers about it.

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